Some tips for a trip aroud Slovakia (Bratislava Region)

     In my first blog post I promised to give you some tips where to go in Slovakia. I decided to make two parts. This one will focus only on Bratislava Region and the next one will be about places or cities in Slovakia as general.

     If you do not have much time to go far from the center of Bratislava, I would recommend you to visit some of these places. I have visited all of them and all of the photos below are taken by me.

  1. Devín Castle (10 km)

     Devín Castle is located in Bratislava, about 10km from The Old Town. There is an incredible view from the ruin of Devín Castle. One could see not only beautiful nature, but also the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers.




2. Slavín (2 km)

Slavín is a memorial monument and military cementery of Soviet Army soldiers who fell during World War II while liberating the city from Germans in April 1945. Many tourists go visit Slavin because of the  city view.



3. Kuchyňa – Bobria Hrádza (40 km)

     Kuchyňa is a small Slovak village which is known by the water reservoir Bobria Hrádza. It is a wonderful and peaceful place surrounded by nature.

(English translation: Kuchyňa-Kitchen, Bobria Hrádza-Beaver dam)



4. Sloboda zvierat (7 km)

     This is an ideal place for animal lovers! Sloboda Zvierat is a dog shelter, which offers their visitors to walk dogs. There is a forest right next to the shelter so you can have a nice walk in the forest and also do a good deed by spending time with those wonderful souls who are waiting to find their forever home. The only thing you have to do is to buy a license to walk the dogs for 2euro.

Daily 12:00-16:30 (winter)

          12:00-17:00 (summer)

Adress: Pod Brehmi 1/a, Bratislava IV – Polianky



Which of these places would you choose to visit?

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