Slovakia – a small country offers a lot of adventures.


     I decided my first blog post would be about my homeland, Slovakia. One of the reasons why I want to blog about it is, that I have met many people who thought that Slovakia is Slovenia, part of Czechoslovakia or even Russia. Then I met one lady who did not have any idea Slovakia exists and she asked me if it is in Europe. But the main reason why I want to share some information and photos of Slovakia with you is, that even though I travel a lot and I have visited 29 countries, the beauty of Slovakia and its nature is still so breathtaking to me.

     Well, I graduated from geography, but I am not going to write some geographic or even scientific article about Slovakia. I guess blogs should not be just about some information, which you can find on Wikipedia, but about experience and interesting facts.

For the beginning, this is Slovakia and yes, it is in Europe!


     Slovakia is a small country in the middle of Europe. When I say in the middle, I mean exactly in the middle! I know I promised no geography, but never say never and never trust anybody, right? So near the Slovakian village, Kremnické Bane, is located the geographical midpoint of Europe. We share borders with 5 other countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. The capital city, which I come from, is Bratislava. Bratislava is the only capital city in the world bordering two countries – Hungary and Austria. The capital city of Austria, Vienna, is only 80km (less than one hour by car) far away from Bratislava, what makes them the world´s two closest capital cities. So if you are in Vienna, come to Bratislava and if you are in Bratislava, stay a little longer and then go to Vienna, it is really worth seeing.

Traveling in Slovakia (for free!)

     But as I said, stay a little longer because traveling in Slovakia has never been cheaper. Since 2014 all children, (full-time) students less than 26 years old, disabled and people older than 62 travel by train for free! It is available for all citizens of countries that are member states of the European Union. You just need to register at the cash desk to obtain your personal customer card. Then you ask for a zero-fare ticket to the city you want to go.




If you think that in a small country like Slovakia is nothing to see, maybe only the capital city, you are wrong. Slovak nature attracts tourists from all around the world. Especially High Tatras mountains and the surrounding area. But also Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise and Slovak Karst have what to offer – more than 6000 caves!  And the fact that Slovakia is a country with 180 castles and 425 chateaus is also unbelievable.

I think every traveler can find his cup of tea in Slovakia. If you still do not think that Slovakia could impress you, I will give you some specific tips in the next post!

Have you ever visited Slovakia?

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